About Me

Don’t Be Genius, Be Smart  -  Sahil Jitesh

Launched the Instagram page in August 2015 by username mrgreatmotivation and daily upload of motivational quote helped thousands of people in their day to day basis. Receiving number of comments on mrgreatmotivation Instagram account; how this helped them to overcome setback and anxiety and encouraged them to start to focus on their goal and keep them active.

With limited facility on Instagram, I create this blog to come up with the variety of way to inspire, motivate and support them subconsciously to motivate to achieve their dream, goal and success.

Many of us resort to reading a motivational or inspirational quote to spur us on, ‘when the going gets tough’. Everyone at some point in life needs some kind of motivation if we are to keep on moving forward.

Why Motivation?
Motivation can help you to develop your personal and professional level. When you are motivated you are in condition to follow; either chase your goal or try another path. Likewise, if you have a hobby you love e.g. music, it is likely that you practice singing more regularly to enhance your musical knowledge and performance.

A quote can act as an aide memoir to focus towards a specific goal or plan of action. ‘Keep it simple stupid’ is a great example at this point, as it sums up the magnitude of quotes to deliver in a succinct way.

Quote for everyone

Thoughts are an important aspect to humanity, as it allows us time to process ideas and to reflect on decisions. Indeed, it is perhaps the case that managers, leaders, bosses, and entrepreneurs, undervalue the importance of quiet time. Successful entrepreneurs always have a positive outlook and are usually inspired by successful thoughts and verbatim. We even see individuals, especially sports people, engaging in chanting words or phrases, which empower them to success. Time is at a premium to most nowadays, so inspirational quotes bridge the gap between the availability of time and the need for swift words to motivate success.

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