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Quote By : Michael Phelps

There will be always a setback and obstacles in life, we need not to stick to old way of doing and seeing things. We need to be persistence always. We may face lot of doubters around because we live in society which is adapted to take a gander at the negative approach. People may not believe in our capability, they will doubt on us and our efforts, they will not trust our power and inner innate potential.

Hard work is something in our lives that is barely ever able to go unrecognised. Though a person’s perseverance and hard work may not always give a person the victory or success in which they envisioned, it certainly will bring them close, way closer than they would if they didn’t work as hard.

Working hard requires a person to sacrifice, but it certainly goes a long way. Work hard towards a purpose, have a dream, and a plan to get to your dreams and never stop working towards them. Remember that there will be problems and obstacles in life. It's a waste of your precious life to wait for the time to be happy when there are no problems left.

Some people feel that they require outstanding character and learning experience to overcome barriers. It’s not true we need to do learn from every mistakes and move on. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic it will take swear and determination always. So believe yourself keep trying, never lose hope ever; the sky is the limit and let nothing stop from accomplishing whatever you want in life. 

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