Success is not incredible to those who are addicted to their work. It does not come by accident. It takes a lot of training afterwards character in life. Every person likes winning, but most of them are not willing to put in time and effort to prepare for that. It takes sacrifice to build a character of discipline. In other words, if an individual does his best at what he is doing, he is going to have great success. The lucky part is the success you get after you have put in the time to do your work.

Great founders do not rely on luck. They rely on their abilities to compute and create the future. As Louis Pasteur said,   "Chance favours the prepared mind."

People might have amazing opportunities accurately next to their doorstep. Yet they might not well use those for the reason that they think they were not ready for it or they lacked money, time, information or extra resource.
It can be so easy to see very successful people as “lucky” when looking from outside. The truth is that so often what appears to be luck is years or sometimes decades of earnest hard work and relentless dedication. It is indeed that hard work that brings about that “luck” in your life. 

Luck, good or bad, is the invisible play of mind upon affairs, the effect of mental aptitudes and habits which are not in sight, but which work and bring forth their due issues.

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