You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it

Quote By: Margaret Thatcher

We should never assume defeat as long as time and energies are reaming with us. We need to have continuity in doing everything we can do while being composed with the consequences. We should deport sadness and feelings of hopelessness by working strenuously, doing more and not settling in!

We have to continue struggling in the battle for long, nobody can become successful in the first attempt of any business endeavors. Don’t be disappointed if we couldn’t accomplish in the first trial. We may have to fight one more time to win it. 

We have to acclimate that success is not something that is built overnight is just half the battle, however. The second half is the recognition that time is our greatest associate. There is no need to let a lack of patience be the offender to our progress when solid results take time!  We have a full life ahead and need to be playing the long game if we're truly seeking sustainable results. 

If we bypass most battles and we're perfectly happy with that, our growth line may be narrow just where it is. When we start to see rises, we'll find it much easier to make the necessary changes to continue the second half of battles and feel better about the battles we pluck.

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