Benefits of Self Discipline

Your mood is tied to your physiology and your physiology tied to your mood. This is part of what makes the mind so powerful. It controls not only our thoughts but also our body.

1. Your mind Can Boost Your Immune System

If you are positive, jolly and surrounded by people who love you, then you are actually more likely to overcome illnesses. It turns out that suppresses the immune system, whereas happiness hormones can reinforce it.

2. Stress Changes Your Children

 Surprisingly, If you are very stressed when you conceive, your children are actuially less likely to be stressed in life.

3. You Don’t Digest Food Properly

Stress causes a range of conditions such as psoriasis but not you know it also prevents you from properly digesting your food? This can actually lead to malnutrition, even if you are eating properly.

4. Your Gut Changes Your Mood

So your mood, changes the way your gut behaves, But did you know that this relationship is a two way street.  The gut sometimes referred as second brain.

5. Embodied Cognition

It is a recent theory in psychology, previously, it was thoughts that the brain has its own internal language This was sometimes referred to as mentalese. The idea was that whenever someone said something to you, your brain would translate that into mentalese so that you could understand it. With recent study found that it works in different way.

The brain doesn’t work without a body and vice versa.

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