I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody

Quote By: Bill Cosby

We usually consume so much time to analyze about how to succeed that we forget to think about how to fail. But knowing how to fail is just as essential as recognizing how to succeed because we can then learn about what not to do.

It’s risky to fix our eyes on the destination without being aware of the traps along the way. We may run fast to our destination only to find ourselves trapped in the pitfalls at the end. One such pitfall is trying to please everybody.

We might waste a lot of time on the wrong people while investing too little time in the right people. At the end, we could lose the right people since we do not invest enough in them.

Think about capturing the niche where you are the best. You are doing great in one part of your business or profession but you are average in other.  If we want to be the successful person we need to satisfy needs that we know how to satisfy better than everyone else. Please, the right persons with the best solutions for their problems. If you succeed in this, you will definitely look how your life is changed. Do it now. Stay Motivated.

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