It Does Not Matter How Slow You Go

Quote By: Confucius

Great compositions and discoveries which we admire today and consider immutable were an outcome of efforts put in over a long period of time. The achievers were involved in these monumental works may have progressed slowly towards completion, but the outcome was magnificent.

The great scientists didn’t worry about the length of the time it would take to finish their inventions as they were more focused on the final output of the efforts they put in.  Their progress was slow, but they achieved their goal because they kept at it and did not give up in mid-way.

All the things take particular time to grow. We need to have the patience to get the things done which we want to accomplish. We have to understand that as long as we are moving forward and not giving up no matter what time it will take, things will eventually start happening for us periodically. Stalling leads to sickness while taking steps even baby steps leads to success always because it teaches us how to grow. 

Great achievement is a series of tiny steps along the way we add up, these little steps will take us towards our goal one day, whatever it is, a milestone or giving up any addiction or trying new opportunity. When we sum all those basic steps we will be amazed over the course of long years, the decisive steps we’ve taken.

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