We have no choice of what colour we are born or whether we’re rich or poor. What we do have is some choice over what we make of our lives once we are here

Quote By: Mildred Taylor

We were all born into this world with empty hands, and one day we will all die in the likewise. We have no choice or control over to be rich or poor once we are transferred to this world. We have no choices of who our parents to be.

No matter how much power we may feel, how much wealth we may swell, or how many people we may coax to support us, in the end, we will all die in the same way: alone and empty-handed. We have no choices over birth or end.

People feel an inner fear, urging them to search for the deeper meaning of life. If we consider living to be painful and dissatisfied with what they have then there must be more than this we have not yet found the purpose of life. People don't find mental peace because they are not satisfied with choices they have made through life. Let us not cry over birth or wealth. The choices we have to make is truly ours how to live life.

People feel life is stuffed with things that aren’t of our choosing and that don’t satisfy us, they often feel burdened and bad-tempered.  If we “have everything to feel happy” but don’t, then it is time for us to discover true self! Make your own choices of living a great successful and blessed life. Do it now. Stay motivated

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