You Are The Main Character Of Your Life's Story

Quote By: Kevin Ngo

When we are born, our great tale begins the tales of wisdom and motivation for other people. The pathway we choose is the black ink that scarifies and rolls across blank leather-bound pages from a golden tipped feather. Never foretold. It follows our instructions; letters and words form from our hand to create chapters. After the last sentence is scribed, the quill set down, the cover closed, and the book shelved.

If we wanted adventure, we would have to write an adventure story, and if we want to mean, we have to write a meaningful story. That shift can incredibly be empowering, but also incredibly concerning because now we are responsible for the story.

When was it that we realized we had control of our lives and started living the gnarly life we wanted?

What kind of story do we want for our life, and what are the principles and values that we hold for our main character? That’s all depends on us only. Don’t let anybody to hold a pen for you.

At the end of this life, we’ll all be comparing stories and someone will ask to see yours. When you look at what you’ve written so far and what you’re currently writing, will you be proud to show them?

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