You Have Got to Get Up

Quote By: George Lorimer

When we get up in the morning, we should take a few minutes to motivate ourselves. Take time to Journaling about goals for the day, do something that will help set us up for success that day. At the end of the day, we'll be glad we did a great job and we’ll be one step closer to our goal!

No matter how much we enjoy life, we always trying to achieve a little bit more. Some of us have more reason to try and change our lives than others, but human nature follows a similar pattern, no matter social status or financial stability.
We need to get the things done we know we need to get done, or We won’t be able to hold on to the right reality. 

We’re used to seeing the world in one fashion, are doing our best to see it in another and are stuck in this purgatory between two worlds, doing our best to work within one while trying to make our way to the other.

We should have a clear idea of What are we going to accomplish today? What would we go to get done? before beginning a day.

If we do that, we’ll then Go to bed with SATISFACTION!

Live EVERY day this way, we’ll accomplish goals certainly.

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