I Fear The Man Who Has Practised One Kick 1000 Times - Bruce Lee - Mr Great Motivation

Quote By: Bruce Lee

As an individual being, we constantly want to grow and get numerous at the things we do. We want to climb all ladders of life to get to the peak as achievers. But it’s difficult.

To become an expert at something we have to practice every day and repeat that action over and over again until it becomes instinctive and motivational when the pressure is really on the hours and hours of practice will overcome any nerves we are experiencing. Sometimes we have to get rid of all the bullshit in our lives and just focus on the great things that make us a better person.

A person who has dabbled in many skills, rather than gaining expertise by focusing on one. That person is a generalist rather than a specialist. It would be ideal to only have to practice just one thing at a time when we really like it, and that would be enough to help make us stronger and more able to reach our goals. But in the real world, it takes a consistent effort to break the cycle of negativity that we often fall into. Goals are often reached after a long time of concentrated effort, not just a few days of sporadic attempts at trying many things at the same time.

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