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Where you end up does not depend on where you start; it depends on which direction you choose to take from where you currently stand
Quote By: Kevin Ngo

Every once in a while, life places us at a crossroads, leaving us there with an unusual feeling of which path to choose, and whether it is the right choices, especially when we are overcoming from failures,  and we have no idea to from which direction we should start again. When this happens, the decision is usually one of the toughest ones we have to make for our own well-being.

We’re motivated and ambitious. We want to find the right path and make the right decisions when it comes to our future, but there’s the possibility that we’ll spend months or years pursuing something that might not be worth our time and effort. We tried enough and things didn’t work out, would we feel at peace knowing we gave it a shot? Stand up again and start the battle again.


We want to find the right direction before time runs out and need to search some ways to get us pointed in the right direction.  First thing, we don’t need to conquer fear. We can build a symbiotic relationship with it. Our fear will fuel us.  No matter what decision we make, be prepared to accept responsibility for every outcome. If things don’t work out, it’s always better to have made a conscious decision than to have been careless. At least we will know that we made the great choice we could, given what we knew at the time. 

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