In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took. - Frasier Krane

In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took.
-Frasier Krane

The twinge of regret can be harsher than physical pain. Sadly, many of us live with some form of grief whether we admit it or not.

We all have unfulfilled experiences from past college days. We all wish if we had done something great, something different in the past instead of playing it safe. Those fantasies still haunt us day by day. We can choose not to live full of regret about the things we did not do earlier in life and can’t change today.
This shouldn't be the excuse for us for not doing the things that we can actually do so that we may realize our full potential. Regret can be painful, but it can also be useful. Some people say they try to live without regret that's being unfair to the human condition. If we try to squeeze regrets away, we're sacrificing a bit of our humanity.

Find out the one thing on your wish list that if we could accomplish today to die feeling satisfied. What steps can we take now towards the direction of fulfilling this wish list? Make an action plan and start chasing the dream again.
Take daily tiny steps towards achieving goals; that will bring a progress sooner. And experiencing progress in life will bring happiness, motivation and make us feel alive. So when we finally accomplish the thing we set out to do, it simply becomes the icing on the cake and pain of the regret will disappear soon.

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