Motivation For Making Friends

Making friends is hard. It can seem like some people have it so easy, but they don’t. Everyone has a hard time making friends because you have to step out of your comfort zone. You have to set out of your character and seek the comfort and company of other people. You are going to have to realize that you will be putting yourself out there and if you can allow yourself to find the courage to let go, then you should be able to make plenty of friends within no time.

When it comes to making friends, it tends to get harder as we grow up. For children, they find the motivation to seek the company of others so that they can fit in. Everyone has a need to fit in and feel like they belong and that is what drives a lot of people to make friends. Then as well grow up, we tend to have other factors of motivation that will make the friends process more important, however, we never lose the need to belong. If you are trying to encourage your child to make new friends, you may want to give them some motivation. With those who are shy children, you may not to think about setting up some play dates or inviting some of the neighbourhood children over. You may also want to place the child in a day care or other social setting for a few hours of a day so that they are able to inter-act with other children. You will find that if you push your children to be social in the beginning then they will grow up to become very social beings.

Now when it comes to teens, it is sometimes not best to try to put forth that much effort. They will begin to make friends naturally through their social settings and classes, however, you should not worry about the amount of people they talk or associate with. For anyone who is worried about the number of friends, you have to worry about quality instead. As long as you can make one solid friend before the end of high school you should consider yourself to be lucky. After high school most friends don’t even write or call so if you can keep just one you are very fortunate. As an adult however, things can be tough, especially if you are new to the area. If you have just relocated or you are just looking for some new friends you may wan to turn to the greatest motivation that you can ever hope to have; the internet. The Internet has a lot of possibility because you can find plenty of interesting people without that awkwardness. Once you have found someone to talk to and whom you would like to get to know and be friends you can plan a public meeting and then build on that. You can go out to dinner or to a club. You can do anything that you to have in common, as long as the first couple of times, it’s public. Then after making a friend, you may want to ask them to introduce you to some more people who you can get to know and soon you will find plenty of motivation and you’ll be comfortable seeking out the friendship of others. Remember, it’s hard to make friends, but if you take the time to reach out to others you will be able to find the confidence that you need to continue your bonding and soon you will have plenty of new friends. It’s hard to adjust to new friends, but as long as they are the type of people who will appreciate you without judgment, you will be fortunate to have a real, true friend.

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