You Are My Butterfly

You Are My Butterfly

by Tanja Cilia

You Are……… My Butterfly
You brought color to my life….
You helped me to select the sweet from the bitter
And savor the moment.
You showed me how to take things lightly
You helped me soar above
My worries.
You helped me spread my wings
And notice the flowers.

You are my butterfly, and I love you.
You showed me it’s true that if
You chase a butterfly, away he flies;
But if you sit still, he brushes your cheek
With his wings and changes the
Monochrome vistas of grey
Into a suffusion of color.
Never were poppies so crimson
Or daffodils so yellow
As now.

Green apples and honey
Mint and liquorice and ginger, and
Stamens of the honeysuckle
Were never so real.
You are my butterfly.
Diving into the cool water
Feeling the warmth of a puppy
Touching an empty cocoon
Listening to the rain
Seeing the sun set
Hearing the rustle of leaves
Were never so aesthetic and sensual
As they has become since I
Met you.
For you are
My Butterfly.
You are my inspiration, the love of
My Life.
My Butterfly.

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