Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin 

Famous Failures Charles Darwin

Famous Failures Charles DarwinBorn in the same year as Abraham Lincoln, in 1809, Charles Darwin’s life was once considered a major failure by even his own father.

In fact, it was due to his interest in nature that Darwin ended up neglecting his medical studies at the University of Edinburgh, and in 1827, dropped out and quit school, leading his father to say, “You care for nothing but shooting, dogs and rat catching.” 

In a second attempt at school, Darwin enrolled in Christ’s College at the University of Cambridge the following winter semester. In 1831, he realized that this wasn’t for him either, as he was too distracted to finish schooling.

Once again, he quit and dropped out of college for the second time. 

In his autobiography, Darwin knew that others, including his father, were displeased in him.

He stated, “I was considered by all my masters and my father, a very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intellect.”

In effect, he was summed up as a failure in life, or as an “idle gentlemen,” which was another phrase used by his father. 

Of course, things didn’t remain that way for Darwin.

Today, he is considered as one of the most influential scientific minds of our time.

His theories on natural selection and evolution have had a major impact on our understanding of species and life here on earth, along with the progress of biological organisms. 

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