Importance Of Personal Department Management

Importance Of Personal Department Management

Importance Of Personal Department Management

The personal department is a sector that has evolved over the years, and some of its tasks have been absorbed by HR or Accounting. It was more common in the 1980s when companies nurtured the Personal Department to do business-to-employee communication. Some organizations no longer have DP, while others, usually large corporations, have both DP and HR. If you want to gain more knowledge about Personal Department Management you can check in Zoe Talent Solutions

HR takes care of the employees themselves, with functions such as

Recruitment and selection of people; training and personal development; organizational climate; trainee programs; career plans; performance evaluation; integration of new employees; HR strategies and planning; internal consultancy; among others.

Importance Of Personal Department Management
Importance Of Personal Department Management

The Personal Department works with a different aspect

Admission and hiring of employees (which is different from recruitment and selection); payrolls; vacation and 13th salary; outsourcing of services; labor audits; Union relations; dismissal of employees; registration with legal bodies etc.

Personal department management is focused on the bureaucratic side while HR on human relationships. See in more detail about some of the bureaucratic tasks performed by personal department management.

Documentation of professionals

When a new employee starts in the company, there are a series of documents that need to be received and issued, such as employee registration, admission examination, employment contract etc.

Frequency monitoring

The company needs to correctly manage the frequency of its team, let it be the normal journey, overtime, bank hours and additional nightly cannot have irregularities. Any problem of this order can cause an error in compensation and even, when serious, with the Labor Court.

Representation with official and tax authorities

The DP issues documents to tax authorities, such as Social Security Guide and others. As mentioned above, these collections have been given a single digital delivery through eSocial. In any case, it remains the responsibility of the personal department.

Conflict mediation and negotiation

Dealing with human capital is not an easy task due to differences in personalities, beliefs, opinions, and ways of thinking. It is one of the greatest challenges of human resources management.

On top of these factors, it is not uncommon for conflicts to arise in organizations between work teams or employees, for example. Conflict arises when there is divergence of ideas and, if not managed, can reach disastrous proportions.

In order to solve this type of situation, there is conflict mediation, in which a human resources manager acts as a mediator, promoting communication and dialogue as a means of mitigating and solving them.

Negotiation is a fundamental part of conflict resolution, and a good negotiator needs to have some key features

Ability in the relationship

This type of negotiator should let the strengths appear and do not let the weaknesses appear. It is firm, but it shows empathy. Observe the other part carefully and put yourself in place. It is flexible and creates a climate of understanding.

Negotiation tactics

  1. Avoid improvisation and plan for the event.
  2. Conducts and controls trading firmly.
  3. He knows the strategies of argumentation and when necessary, he makes concessions.
  4. Emphasizes the cause and not the personal quarrel. It does not use coercion.

Knowledge of the business

You have the maximum information about what is going to be negotiated, so do not be surprised with arguments that cannot rebate.

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