What Compels You To Care

Pay attention to what resonates with you. Take notice when anything or anyone energizes your spirit.

Certain words, music, colors, places, people, food, sensations and other experiences can take you to a good place. Keep track of what they are, and go often to that good place within.

Regularly arrange the details of your life, of your experience, to boost your energy level. Assemble a whole collection of ways to be good to yourself, to invigorate you at the deepest level.

There is a reason why cathedrals have large, expensive pipe organs and soaring ceilings. Things like that matter in ways that surpass understanding.

Go often to where you have the indisputable knowing that life is good. Do, again and again, those things that affirm your highest hopes and best instincts.

Touch, taste, feel, see, hear what compels you to care. Let life be good in ways that drive you to make it even better.

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