Line Up The Little Things

Do the little things in your life hurt you or help you? Do the particular little things you engage in serve you or wear you down?

The little things matter because there are so many of them. And the little things are easy for you to control once you decide to do so.

Big achievements and big tragedies alike are made up of little things. Exert positive influence over the little things, and many of the much bigger things will go your way.

One little unhealthy indulgence won’t hurt you, but a thousand of them over the years can make you seriously ill. One little white lie is no big deal, but when those lies become a pattern you end up with no one who can trust you.

A little extra effort costs you almost nothing, and over time those extra efforts will put you in a position of great advantage. A little kindness is easy to offer, and when you’re sincere and consistent with it you can earn unshakable loyalty.

Line up the little things in a consistent positive direction. Show yourself what a big favorable difference that will make.

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