In The Presence Of Strength

Get yourself around strong people, strong ideas, powerful environments. Living in the presence of strength enables you to grow stronger.

Appreciate and experience the strength that exists outside you. It encourages you to develop and expand new strength within.

The ocean is beautiful and inspiring, and at the same time powerful, unforgiving. Walk beside the ocean, let its waves dance with your feet, and make some of its strength your own.

Listen to a passionate speaker making a strong, sincere, and compelling argument. Whether you agree or not, you can draw strength from the ideas and the competent way they’re presented.

Rather than always feeling envious or fearful of the strength you encounter, seek to be inspired by it. Let its best attributes resonate with you, challenge you, and increase your own strength.

Go where there is strength that you can see, hear, feel. In the presence of strength, you’ll grow stronger.

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