Let Your Ambition Come Forward

It’s not selfish to move forward with ambition. What’s selfish is to waste time, skills, opportunities, and resources on aimless diversions.

You deserve a purposeful day, year, life. What’s more, you owe it to all those who sacrificed throughout history to make your opportunities possible.

It’s not easy to zero in on a worthy and compelling purpose. It’s more difficult still to follow that purpose with commitment and determination.

Yet what’s worse is to languish without any driving purpose. And then the regret for doing so can be unbearable.

Fortunately, there’s always plenty of good work to be done. Life, awareness, ability, and passion are yours to put to use.

Let your ambition come forward, and make yourself of continuing benefit to who and what you care about. Be the positive presence and force you are destined to be.

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