6 Self-care Ideas for the Mind and Body

6 Self-care Ideas for the Mind and Body

Mainstream media portrays self-care in various forms of relaxation and leisure. But in reality, caring for yourself is much more complex than that. It involves discipline, consistency, and patience. One must prioritize your needs first before reaping the benefits of self-care effectively.

Of course, there are the basics—exercise, a good night’s sleep, and lots of water. These are often the top three on every list you can see regarding self-care. And they’re there for a reason. Your body is not invincible to inner and outer health risks surrounding it. It cannot function well if your mind is constantly stressed, and it goes the other way around, too.

Having a self-care strategy can help you feel better in different areas of your life. Challenge yourself. Self-care does not always have to feel good. It has to be hard at some point and done slowly and consciously.

Plan how to take care of yourself that suits your daily routine. Sure, a good soak in the bathtub with wine on the side may temporarily fix stress, but addressing the root of all your stress starts from within.

So, here are some self-care ideas that you can apply to your wellness routine and help you live life to the fullest.



  1. Give what your body needs.

Your body needs to be taken care of constantly, but most people often forget to meet the basic needs first. Managing your health through personal and professional care is the first step in taking care of yourself. It can build your self-discipline, allowing you to integrate other self-care activities into your life.

 Planning to take an exercise, whether indoors or outside, and doing it at least once a week can both improve your physical wellness and mental discipline. Having a large water bottle with the goal of drinking it throughout the day can alleviate the stress in your internal organs, as well as your hair and skin.

Getting optimal sleep will help your mind and body function properly the whole day. Also, having an annual check-up with your doctor is a must to maintain your physical and mental health.

  1. Lessen your screen time

Nowadays, noise is not only acquired through our ears but also from our screens. We can blame the exponential development of technology for making us glued to our devices for hours, scrolling through social media feeds.

While it is entertaining to do, you can also accumulate stress from being aware of distressing events from others’ lives, seeing posts of your acquaintance’s seemingly perfect life, or having negative interactions. It can also waste your time at the very least, making you distracted from the things that you need to be doing instead.

Practice being away from social media sites and not responding right away from notifications. It does not need to be instant. So, try to do it gradually - start from being away for an hour and do things that do not need phones instead.


  1. Develop healthy relationships

Relationships with others are an essential part of our lives, whether they are with your friends, family, or other loved ones. However, having energy for socialization is not the same for everybody.

Also, there is a possibility that you can overlook your relationships with others when you are busy with your work or life. Evaluate, not how long you need to spend time with your loved one, but how long you need to build a mutually healthy relationship with them.

  1. Devote a time for silence

Everyone deserves to have a break from mental stress. But, it is ingrained in us that if you do nothing, you are unproductive. It is not the nothingness that we must focus on, but the silence that you can find in your personal preferences.

Some find it in yoga, while some go to church. Some stay indoors and sit or sleep. Whatever your choice is, being alone with your thoughts can be difficult. But, doing something to guide you through silence can help you sort out your emotions and ground you from your purpose and goals. Who knows? It might be just what you need to regain focus and stability.

  1. Acquire new things every once in a while

Many fall into the notion that if you do something hard, you need to be rewarded with something. That something is often a short-term happiness item like a delicious meal.

Doing this is not bad because we deserve good things now and then, but you need to also invest in things that are essential and long-lasting. Buy that coffee machine for your morning coffee. You can also start small and check out that period underwear that's been sitting so long in your online cart! Spending money on things that matter can benefit you in the long run!

  1. Start a skincare routine

Sometimes, because you are stressed, your skin is the first one to show the signs that you are not taking care of yourself. The situation can also be reversed: your skin is the source of your stress because even if you have a skincare routine, it is not enough to achieve what you want. Either way, it is a great idea to find a skincare routine that fits you. For starters, you only need three items to say goodbye to sick skin. With a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, you’re good to go!

Conclusion: Self-care starts from within.

A simple internet search can produce hundreds of methods and steps on how to take care of yourself. But, not all of them apply to your lifestyle. Your needs are or may be different from everyone else—and that’s okay. But really, the first step to take care of yourself is to know what puts your mind and body at ease.

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