Useful Work

There are things you do that have value to yourself and to others. Think of how you can do those things more often, more effectively, in more situations.

Being productive is not selfish and is not slavery. It is how you are able to live the life you live and to be of service to the world you live in.

Your priorities, your choices, your actions have consequences. Every decision is an opportunity to maximize the benefits of those consequences to you and to those around you.

Perhaps some of the ways you create value are so familiar that you take them for granted. Yet if you were to suddenly stop, it would diminish the quality of life for many people, including you.

There are other paths to value that are more of a struggle for you, and you’re highly aware of the price you pay. Even so, you get what you pay for, and the good things you bring to all of life are worth the cost.

Consider all you have done and all you can do to make your corner of the world a better place. People in that corner, and even those far beyond it, gain from the good and useful work you continue choosing to do.

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