Success is a progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined personal goals. -Paul J Meyer

man drawing on dry-erase board symbolizing planning and goal setting

"Success is a progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined personal goals." -Paul J Meyer

Paul J Meyer's perspective on success is both enlightening and empowering. He suggests that success isn't just about reaching a final destination or achieving a singular goal. Instead, it's about the journey, the continuous process of moving closer to one's aspirations and dreams.

The term "progressive realization" emphasizes that success is an ongoing journey. It's about consistently making progress, taking steps, and moving forward, no matter how small those steps might be.

Furthermore, the goals mentioned are "worthwhile" and "predetermined." This implies that for success to be meaningful, the goals should be of value and significance to the individual.

In essence, Meyer's definition of success encourages us to set meaningful goals, stay committed to them, and appreciate the journey of growth and self-improvement. It's a reminder that success is personal, and its true measure lies in the fulfillment and purpose it brings to one's life.

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