We must do something is the unanimous refrain. You begin is the deadening refrain. - The Saving Sense. - Walter Dwight

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"We must do something is the unanimous refrain. You begin is the deadening refrain." - The Saving Sense. - Walter Dwight

Walter Dwight's words capture a common sentiment in society: the collective desire for change, yet the reluctance to take individual responsibility. The first part, "We must do something," reflects a shared acknowledgment of a problem or issue. It's a call to action, a recognition that something needs to change.

However, the following statement, "You begin," reveals a hesitation to take the lead. It's an expression of passing the buck, waiting for someone else to make the first move. This attitude can stifle progress and prevent meaningful change from occurring.

The title "The Saving Sense" suggests that recognizing this pattern and overcoming this reluctance can be the key to making a difference. When individuals step up, take initiative, and lead by example, they can inspire others to follow suit.

In essence, Dwight's quote is a reminder that while collective agreement on a problem is crucial, individual action is equally important. Waiting for someone else to take the first step can lead to stagnation. True change happens when individuals rise to the occasion and take responsibility.

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