Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today

Quote By: Will Rogers

Tough circumstances come to everyone. We could be having some disaster which smacks us. If we wake up and start fixing it and we might get the new possibilities and opportunities to fix it. Whatever problem we are suffering we would certainly be going to fix it rhythmically, but we should not allow them to take a middle attention in Life.

Yesterday is a past, we have to move on, pressing forward always; otherwise, we would not accomplish dream and goals. We should erase the negative aspects while exaggerating the positive aspects by forgetting the pain, tribulations and struggles we experienced by simply recalling the positive things happened with us in past.

We should focus on the potential we had in past by remembering the way we took life enthusiastically and willing to take the risk.

We should use time in acquiring from yesterday – the blunders or the odd choices we made;  we would use all that past exposure next time to create a better result and upshot. We can focus on each new day as another possibility to live life to its completest – to create new possibilities and new events which we will be able to express honor for in the future.

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