You just cannot beat the person who never gives up

Quote By: Babe Ruth

We should never be in a hurry to finish the job in deadline; we have to do all the things calmly and step by step, it’s not about having right opportunity always but using the opportunity in right way. We can improve day by day and be trying something new again and again. A true warrior never gives up; there is no limitation or boundaries such that can stop him. 

We have to realize the truth that we are limitless, there is no end to us, no matter anyone else tries to demoralize us, and there is nothing that we cannot do or cannot be. All is provided through eternity to us.

We shall start sowing whatever we want, wherever we go, we will be harvesting from in a near future and for generations to come to the seeds we sowed in past. This is possible just because we never lose hope and keep trying over and over day by day. This will let us know one day that the possibilities are endless through eternity. And there will be nobody who can stop us, no beat us.

We ourselves put limitation and create boundaries; nothing can beat us if we are willing to do our best. The sky is the limit; there is no end of opportunities. So run faster than anyone and finish the race, hold your goal and to achieve it.

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