3 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

1. Consider Your Physiology

Many of us think that emotions come from our psychology. Very often though, they can also come from our physiology. That is to say out emotions are dictated by the things that are going on in our bodies.

2. Control your thoughts

That said, controlling your thoughts is also important Techniques used in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)teach us to challenge negative thoughts and to even test our unhelpful beliefs.

This means first identifying the things we think and the things that are causing our bad state of mind and then asking whether those thoughts are true or useful.

3. Meditate

There are countless good reason to meditate. This is literally a process that involves focusing your mind and avoiding distracting thoughts And if you can do that, then you can avoid distracting. emotions as well.

In the short term, a bout of mediation is a great way to calm your racing mind. In the long term, it is a powerful tool for enhancing your emotional stability

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