No Matter How Hard The Past Is

Quote By: Jack Kornfield

We all have misconceptions about past that we are powerless to forget what’s behind us. We carry regret, guilt, shame, failures, and disappointments with us in memory. 

We can either dwell on it or let those memories passed away from mind and feel free. We should give free space to mind feed positive and healthy vibes in mind to forget past. We have the beautiful day today and we have lot many new opportunities waiting for us ahead to try something new. It is almost impossible to have the human being who does not have any sorrow or regrets. 

The Only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work

Life is going to come up with mistakes and we have to keep learning and moving on by growing day by day. This is how we move forward and do best next level. Once we have looked back into past to recognize what happened, it is the time to move forward with new task and challenges waiting for us.

Chewing over past again and again will not make a difference either or will not help more. No matter how hard the past, we can always dream again. No matter how hard the past, we can always strive again. That’s the beauty of life; it discriminates against none and thus lets us all begin once again, one more time, every time.

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