A Successful Man is One Who - Mr Great Motivation

Quote By: David Brinkley

A successful man is who knocked down by people several times and overcome challenges with true potential. Life throws obstacles and takes trails; sometimes problems are much bigger than our capacity to handle them. But if hitting star was so easy then everybody would do that.

This is how we can change the mindset and set our self apart from the crowd by fighting for the hardship of Life. In the crowd, we may meet the people who wish best for us and others will pray for our failures too. You’re not going to get very far if you’re too busy putting energy into disliking those around you. Neither of them will ultimately make the decision in the end. Only we can make that choice.

People will try to knock down and make feel us embarrassed, we need to use all that they did as an advantage. We are playing a game of war with life and others to define us. Either they would succeed in screwing us or we beat them.We would surely beat them by picking up bricks they throw at us and lay the foundation and set an example for them who disparaged us.

We do not have another choice apart from this and we are keen to get success, we should use whatever brick was thrown at us to build a firm foundation. It is only possible when we build such a vigorous structure from the implausible and smashed bricks that we can fetch the success we desire.

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