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Why Do We Need Discipline?

We are part of generation, which likely living each day on its own terms. We shy away from rules and aspire to live each moment to its fullest, without any restraint.

While this might not sound too bad, have you ever wondered why you didn't get into the college you wanted? Or get that job you coveted the most? Have you ever thought why you find it difficult to sustain your relationship? Have you ever been puzzled as to why your results are never commensurate to the amount of effort that you put in?

The answer to these above questions could be lack of discipline. The reason why some of us fail to meet our targets despite our best efforts, is because we lack the discipline.

Do not look at Discipline as a negative element of your life.

How Discipline is important?

Let's assume that you are part of your school's basketball team.You have an important tournament coming up in a month. Luckily, all your fellow players are in good form and are extremely talented. Is this enough to get you that trophy? No!

You must practice every day for a certain number of hours. You will have to practice your routine several times. Even if your strategy for this game is the same and you have played your opponent several times in the past to understand their style, you still need to practice.

Why are you indulging in so much practice? To ensure that your body is in good form and to mentally prepare yourself for the game! Isn't this a form of discipline your body and mind?

Out of passion for winning, all of you come together and engage in so much practice. All of you may have different playing styles. It is discipline that brings you together as a team. Out of passion for winning, all of you come together and engage in so much practice. All of you may be different playing styles. It is discipline that brings you together as a team.

How Discipline Helps To Achieve Success!

Living with no regrets is a good thing, but living without worrying about consequences is bad and detrimental to not just you but to the people around you as well.

Most of us don't really see how our action impacts others. We fail to appreciate the importance of the things that we have. This is one important reason why this generation are pros at procrastination. We would rather spend hours on Snapchat or Twitter or Instagram, instead of focusing on the work at hand. You will able to get away with this reckless attitude only while the consequences aren't too severe.

But why wait until things get out of hand to do course corrections?

When you are disciplined, you will surely be cognizant of your action and behaviours.

What is Discipline?

Discipline is nothing but the practice of getting trained or conditioned to think or react in a certain way, within a certain framework of principles. It's about having your own set of rules and living your life based on that.

What is Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline is nothing but the ability to control one's thoughts, action, emotions and behaviours. By exercising self-discipline, you are consciously letting go of the need to be immediately gratified or upset by your surroundings.

It is a conscious effort to hold back your emotions and not react immediately. In other words, self-discipline is all about being in control of your life and reaping the maximum benefits from it.

Self-discipline is all about improving your focus, directing your efforts in a more effective manner and reaping the maximum benefits from all your undertakings. Self-discipline plays an important role in helping you achieve success whatever you do. It helps you hit the mark in the following manner.
  1. When you are disciplined, your tolerance levels are increased. You will not be easily disturbed by situations, which may put you out of your comfort zone. When your perseverance increases, you will keep going at your goal, no matter how many obstacles are placed on your way.
  2. Discipline automatically tunes your mind to keep trying, despite failure. with some patience and consistent efforts on your part, you will most certainly taste the fruits of success. self-discipline equips you with the required patience.
  3. Discipline helps you stay focused on your target. When you are focused, you will be in a better position to put in your best efforts. Discipline also helps you deal with the distraction
Another important quality required for chasing success is the ability to maintain a calm and composed head all the time. When your mind is not clouded by other impulsive thoughts, emotions or opinions, it becomes that much easier for you to focus.


Including discipline in your life is not an unpleasant experience, contrary to popular belief. It is all a matter of perspective. Don't worry try to change your life all at once, under the pretext of disciplining it. Make incremental changes to your thoughts processes and your routine and see how it goes. Also, don't try to incorporate discipline as part of your life, in a rushed manner. Nothing good ever comes out of doing things in haste.

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