Starting Point of Achievement is Desire

Quote By: Napoleon Hill

A small fire cannot give much heat, as similar as a weak desire cannot produce great results. We need burning desire to be the starting point of all accomplishment.When we want success as badly as we wanted the air, then and only then we will get it definitely.Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small of fire makes a small amount of heat.

Our heart’s desires are great assets. They indicate the experiences we can have when we make decisions to have them. They are mighty potentials awaiting your attention.Victory in the outdoors can be demanding, but the rewards are high. If we combine desire with a clear vision and action, we can have great achievement. We need to create a definite plan for carrying out desire.We need to make sure that goals are clearly defined.Once We are able to identify the direction, and desire towards that direction, we can start to develop a plan of action. The first consideration is to make goals clear, specific and measurable. If a goal is too vague or if it does not have specific parameters, the end result can be unclear.

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