Adapting To Change

Adapting To Change

Do you realize how much power there is in your ability to adapt? The world changes all the time, and fortunately so can you.

Yes, you’ll always be who you’ve always been. Yet there is no limit to the ways you can express your beautiful, unique, essential nature.

No dream ever has to be lost, no hope needs ever to be dashed. Because you can adapt those hopes and dreams to whatever reality appears in your path.

Some of the best things that will ever be in your life, you have not yet even heard of. By adapting to life’s challenges you position yourself to accept and enjoy life’s rewards.

Tomorrow will be different than today, next year different than the past. Instead of wishing for things to stay the same, look for positive possibilities in the changes.

Those possibilities always appear, and you can always adapt to them. You’ll get to enjoy making life good in ways you cannot yet imagine.

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