Make it happen

You won’t get it done by merely planning to do it. You won’t get it done by explaining why you can’t do it.

You’ll get it done by going to work on it. You’ll get it done by starting the effort, continuing it, and finishing it.

If you’re not making that effort, you can’t expect your desired results to magically appear. If you’re not making use of right now, you’re letting valuable time slip through your fingers.

If all you’re doing is waiting, hoping, wishing, or listing your excuses, none of that will get you anywhere. Choose instead to take action.

Even though it may not be perfect, right now you can get something done. Right now you can transform time that would otherwise be wasted into something of value that will endure.

In a few hours, in a week or two, you’ll thank yourself for all you’re able to achieve right now. So go ahead and make it happen.

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