Repeating Positive Actions

The things you do once make a difference, the things you do repeatedly change your life. There’s only so much you can accomplish in this moment, but you have more than this moment.

You have the rest of today, you have tomorrow, you have next month, you have next year. Imagine what you can do when all those days and hours are pointed in a consistent direction.

Time provides enormous leverage. And like any powerful thing, that can be used to your benefit or to your detriment.

Arrange your life so the time you spend accrues to your benefit and to the benefit of others around you. Do what makes a positive difference in the world, then do it again, and again.

After achieving something, don’t just sit back and congratulate yourself. Tap into the momentum you’ve created, and do it again.

You may not have a lot of impressive resources or connections, but you do have as much time as everybody else. Make good, purposeful use of that time by repeating your positive actions again and again.

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