Do Even Better

If you’re satisfied with what you were able to accomplish yesterday, you can do even better today. If you’re disappointed in life up to this point, you can do better now.

No matter what has happened before, no matter who gets credit or who is to blame, you can do better. And today, in this situation, is your opportunity to do so.

Stop beating yourself up, stop patting yourself on the back. Get to work doing what you always have the urge inside to do, which is to make life better for all who live it.

Consider the options available to you. Ten years from now, which of those options will you thank yourself for choosing?

You have a long history of achievement and of building on that achievement. You know from experience how to do better and that’s precisely what you can do right now.

It may not be the easiest, most comfortable and convenient choice, yet you know it’s your best choice. You can do better, so right here, right now, be all about allowing and enabling that to happen.

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