Open To Change

To triumph over challenge you must be willing to change. The bigger the challenge, the more profoundly you must transform your actions, your attitude, your habits, your thinking.

Life exists in a state of change. That’s how you know something is a living being, by observing that it changes.

To get what you desire, what you seek, what you need, you must give. That giving involves making changes in the world around you and changes in yourself.

Ask yourself this and be honest in your answer. What elements among your thoughts, perceptions, assumptions, and activities no longer provide positive value?

What things could you replace them with that would be of greater service to you and your world? Often, one small but committed change can ignite your enthusiasm for making even more changes.

Open yourself to change and you’ll connect yourself to a much greater set of positive possibilities. Embrace change, again and again, and you enable yourself to do great things.

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