Let Life Mean Something

Let Life Mean Something

Let life mean something. Let each hour, each task, each experience add to the meaningful substance of your life.

Let the little things have meaning, beauty, a positive impact on your soul. Let life unfold as it will, and reveal new possibilities for goodness.

In everything you do is the potential for value, for wonder, for contemplation, sharing, and joy. Rather than seeking to judge whether or not something is worthwhile, choose to make it worthwhile.

Be patient and eager all at once. Balance your wariness about what could be harmful with your enthusiasm for what can be good and useful.

Permeate life with meaning by the way you live it. Conditions will ebb and flow, yet your commitment to a life of significance can continue to grow.

See the great meaning that is possible right now, where you are, with whatever you have. Continue to let that meaning come to life.

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