Think Before You Respond

Some of what seems to get you frustrated may not actually be what’s making you frustrated. It could just be a habit you’re continuing to follow without even reconsidering why.

Perhaps you’re not well served by reacting the same way you’ve always reacted. Perhaps you can choose a more beneficial response.

Step back, take a deep breath, and take a good look. Ask yourself which of the ways you’ve been responding to life are in your best interest, and which are not.

It takes more effort to think before you respond. It also gets you much better results.

Are there people, concepts, or situations that cause you anger, anxiety, or despair just out of habit? Maybe it’s time to progress beyond those habits.

Use the power of your intention, driven by authentic purpose. Choose your attitudes and actions based on what works best for you now, and not necessarily on what you’ve always done.

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