Open To New Experiences

You don’t have to get caught up deciding the absolute perfect thing to do. Just start where you are and move toward whatever looks the most fulfilling, valuable, intriguing.

You can’t know in advance how life will play out. What you can do is give your care and attention to the details as they emerge.

Consider how many great opportunities have been missed by people holding out for the ideal opportunity. Avoid getting caught in that trap.

A few possible courses of action clearly won’t do, and you can dismiss them out of hand. Then from all the other possibilities, pick one and go right ahead with it.

It probably won’t be the best thing you’ve ever done, though it could be. Yet it’s likely to be a whole lot better than doing nothing.

Be open to new experiences, especially the ones you’re not certain about. Adventure is where you find it, and you can find it just about anywhere.

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