Experience Meaning

Find meaning not by searching for it. Make meaning in your life by making yourself useful.

That doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. That doesn’t mean buying into some grand utopian scheme to save the world.

It involves making steady, incremental improvements to whatever situation you’re in. It means enriching the lives of people who are close to you.

Meaning is not contrived by thinking about it or studying it. Discover and experience meaning by living generously and authentically.

Right now, within your reach, someone can benefit from your encouragement, presence, sincere attention, your kindness, your smile. You can offer helpful words, a sympathetic ear, skillful action, an understanding heart.

A rich sense of meaning is as close as your next act of generosity, you’re next moment of usefulness. The more you give your best, the more profoundly you know how much your life means.

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