Life Itself

Life itself arrives here, in you, today, all around. Color, texture, motion and aroma fill your senses, energize your spirit, activate your thoughts and feelings.

What does it all mean and how is your role best played? Is now any different than before, and from which direction will come whatever is to be?

What feels so certain can explode with surprise. Concealed within impossible mystery you find a strangely familiar reassurance.

Life itself is not just a concept, is more than a fleeting weightless image, and not merely the pixels onto which it is commonly imposed. Life was itself before you could name it, and extends far beyond anything ever imagined.

Yet life exists because you know it, live it, uphold it, extend and continue it. In every blast of snow, in each cricket that chirps, in all fibers of the sheets that ease your sleep, life embraces itself, and you.

Never forget to return that embrace. You are life itself, and how wondrous it is to be.

Recommended by Mr Great