How Great It Feels

A powerful time to take action is when you don’t feel like it. If you can do what must be done even when you don’t feel like it, you can do it any time.

Even when you’re not inspired, you can still do something positive and helpful. Even when your heart’s not in it, you can nonetheless make progress.

Sure, enjoying your work has great benefits. Yet it is absolutely possible to get that work done even when it’s not so enjoyable.

Yes, there are other things you’d rather be doing. And most of those activities will still be available to you once your work is completed.

Fortunately, the more you see yourself making progress, the more eager you’ll be to continue the effort. As you invest yourself in the necessary task at hand, you’ll enable yourself to feel better about it.

Go ahead and do the work that must be done. Discover how great it feels to have it all behind you.

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