Power of Expectations

Expectations chart your course, raise your awareness, and empower your life. Whatever you sincerely expect, you’re much more likely to experience.

But expectations are not infallible. And nothing happens solely because you expect it will happen.

If your expectations have disappointed you, that’s no reason to throw them out entirely. It’s an opportunity to re-evaluate those expectations and your commitment to them.

Are your expectations solidly in line with what matters to you? Or did you choose them just because they sounded good or for the purpose of making a good impression?

The most powerful expectations are the ones you truly care about, the ones you keep at the center of your awareness. They’re the ones you devote thought and effort to on a daily basis.

Expectations get their power from the way you incorporate them into your life. Give time, energy, and commitment to your best expectations and they will improve the reality of your life.

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