Pursue Your Best Possibilities

Give your attention and energy to the reality of what is. At the same time, don’t fail to notice the possibilities of what can be.

There was a time when your possibilities seemed limitless. Though times have changed, and you have changed, many of the most desirable possibilities still await your action.

Here’s an amazing thing about the position you’re in. You can fully accept the way your life is, while also working to make significant improvements in it.

Be thankful for all you’ve experienced and all you have. Express that gratitude by using your abilities, your experience and resources to pursue your best possibilities.

You exist in a realm that’s rich with possibilities. That doesn’t mean the good things are easy to come by, but it does mean that new goodness is always possible.

Set aside your weariness and cynicism, and open yourself to the new possibilities of right now. Do the good work to bring the best of those possibilities into the reality of your world.

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