Bring Peace To Mind

Your thoughts soar and then they plummet, followed by wandering, jumping, and falling off track. Take a moment, take a breath, let go of the need to think this or that, and bring peace to mind.

Your thoughts are powerful and important to you, but they are not all of you. You can do just fine without them for a while, as you give them a well-deserved rest.

Your curiosity is wonderful and amazing, yet you don’t have to know everything about everything. Your judgment, analysis, and consideration give great value to your life, but you are more than orderly logic.

Give your thoughts a break, a chance to reset. Give yourself the experience of peaceful being.

Feel without having to understand what you feel. See without your vision being muddled by anticipation of what you might see next.

Offer your thoughts the opportunity to improve by letting go of them for a while. Trust your thoughts enough to leave them alone, and when you come back to them they’ll be better than ever.

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