Make A Great Day

Is this day not meeting your expectations? Then make it into something better.

You’re creative, you’re resourceful, you have time, energy, and desire. Make good use of it all.

This world is an amazing place, but it’s not just going to hand you an ideal life experience. It’s up to you to transform positive opportunity into rewarding reality.

Don’t let yourself be tempted to blame outside circumstances when you’re having a lousy day. Step up, take responsibility, and make it into a much more fulfilling day.

Find a little bit of goodness, focus on it, connect to it, then expand on it. The only reliable way to experience a great day is to get yourself involved in making it so.

You have the power to dramatically improve your experience of life right now. Do a big favor for everyone, especially yourself, and make use of that power to make a great day.

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