Ever Young

You cannot go back in time, yet you can be as young as you choose to be. Youth is a matter of how you see yourself and how you live, not how long you’ve been alive.

Live with courage and you are young. Seek adventure in unfamiliar territory and you’re living a life that’s vibrant and young.

Be true to what you value, in word, in deed, in time and commitment, and you’ll be young in temperament. Greet each day with wonder and enthusiasm, and the energy of youth courses through you.

Look forward to whatever comes next. Find a way to put joy into every situation.

These things give you a youthful outlook and experience, no matter what your age. As you live this way year after year, you’ll add wisdom and maturity to your continuing youth.

Give yourself the dual benefits of experience and of youth throughout the whole of your life. Stay ever young as you continue to let time add more and more substance to your life.

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