Treasure Every Moment

Is the stuff that seems so urgent really so urgent? Are you pressuring yourself to do it quickly rather than to do it well?

You feel like time is always running out. Yet as soon as one moment is over, another one always begins.

You hurry through one task so you can hurry through the next task, and the next. Is all that hurrying merely enabling you to do even more hurrying?

Time is too valuable to waste. Yet your life is too precious and meaningful to always be rushing through it.

Step back, take a breath, remind yourself that time will go, and time will come. Make the choice to use it well, focused on purpose, on excellence, on things that truly matter.

Rather than urgency for the sake of urgency, make sure you’re spending your time moving in the direction you’ve chosen to go. Challenge yourself to treasure every moment and you’ll experience great quantities of life’s treasure as time goes by.

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