Get It Behind You

It’s not the most enjoyable thing you’re ever going to do, yet it must be done. So block out some time as soon as you can, do the work, and get it behind you.

Perhaps it’s unfair you have to do it, and no one else appreciates how difficult it is. As true as all that may be, your best option is to go ahead and get it done.

Look back on your past experience. You’ll clearly see that procrastination and avoidance have never made anything any easier.

Of course you don’t feel like it right now. But once you get started, and make a little progress, and realize you will soon have it done, you’ll feel much better.

Now is when you can stop putting it off and start putting it behind you. Now is when you can improve the quality of every future moment by getting an unpleasant task done.

The freedom of having it behind you is just a little bit of effort away. Get started creating that freedom right now, and make room for all the other great things you can do.

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